a professional conference website for women in STEM fields in the PNW

Project NWrWIC website

Role Research, Interaction design, Prototyping

Summary NWrWIC (Northwest Regional Women in Computing) is a professional conference to empower and encourage women in STEM fields. I redesigned the conference website to make it easier for users to navigate the content and attract attendees to buy tickets.

the website on multiple devices

Understanding the Goal and Users User feedback from the previous site revealed issues related to navigation, information architecture, and visual appeal. In fact, the majority of the users responded that they would not recommend the current site. Although industry professionals, professors, and companies are potential visitors to the site, I chose to focus on college students as the main users because they were the majority attendee group. Their needs covered those of other users, and they would be the most reluctant to buy tickets.

sticky notes, site map, and paper prototype

Sticky notes, site map, and paper prototype.

Context and Ideation I sticky noted the goal, users, and context. I made a site map to better understand the user's experience. After wireframing and iterating, I tested a paper prototype.

pages of the website

Desktop page views.

Findings and Proof of Concept My findings concluded that users' priorities included the speakers and companies in attendance at the conference. I also found that most user preferred to access the site on their mobile device. That is why I chose to use Sketch and Framer to prototype the mobile experience of the website.