a safe and versatile 3-D printed bag

Project Theft-Proof Bag

Role Interaction design, Prototyping

Summary After several friends had their personal belongings stolen out of their backpacks at music festivals, I wanted to create a bag that would be theft-proof and versatile for festival attendees. I made a cardboard prototype and 3-D printed prototype to safely secure essentials (wallet, phone, etc.), provide easy access to a water bottle on the outside of the bag, and allow for versatility in functionality depending on the user's environment.

user wearing bag on his side with water bottle user wearing bag on his side without water bottle user wearing bag as a backpack

The bag worn being worn in different ways.

Versatile and Safe I found that versatility and protection of personal belongings were important themes to the users. The bag may be worn as a backpack or as a clutch. It has a section where a water bottle can be easily accessed on the outside. However, the main compartment rests against the user's body when worn and can only be accessed by the user.

sketches and storyboarding

Sketches and ideas for how the bag should be worn as well as storyboarding to think about the bag used in different contexts.

Sketching and Storyboarding I sketched and storyboarded different scenarios of use including a festival goer being able to access their water bottle easily, but keeping their personal belongings safe in packed concert crowds.

front view of cardboard bag
side view of cardboard bag open
opening cardboard bag

Cardboard prototype covered in fabric and half of the bag closes with a single magnet.

Cardboard and 3-D Printed Prototypes I created an initial cardboard prototype. The cardboard prototype helped gather user-feedback but was not the ideal material to represent a realistic user-scenario. I found out that users wanted to be able to open the bag more to fit in their belongings so I decided to allow the flap to open completely in the next iteration.

3-D printed bag with water bottle 3-D printed bag open
angled image of 3-D printed bag side view of 3-D printed bag

3-D printed prototype. Used SketchUp and printed in PLA.

Future Iterations I would continue to redesign the doors for the back so that they close more securely. This is because the hinges were printed too small and got clogged with superglue during assembly.