an interactive audio visualization where the user can doodle to music

Project Audiovisual

Role Interaction design, Coding

Summary Inspired by a recent concert, I wanted to express music visually by allowing the listener to interact and influence the visual output while playing a song. I created audiovisual experiments where users could draw to the music. This is a personal project where I used JavaScipt and the Web Audio API (2018).

Drawing with Time Domain Data The time domain data taken from the music is visualized while the user can draw. The line width of the user's stroke is thicker when drawing faster and thinner when drawing slower. The time domain data lines are continuously drawn over and over until the song ends. Try it out on Codepen!

See the Song's Frequency when you Draw In this audio visualization, the user can draw a path and the frequency of the music changes the line width over time. Try it out on Codepen!

Lessons I worked on these interactive audio visualizations in order to expand my skills and knowledge of JavaScript. I would look at creating more audiovisual experiments with Processing in the future.