Festival App Design


There are so many new music festivals, it can be difficult for music lovers to find out about music festivals that are of interest and convenient.


I created Fest, a mobile app prototype, that would provide an easy way for festival go-ers to find out about festivals. I conducted user research to understand the needs of festival-goers before using information architecture to guide my design ideas to create low-fi and high-fi prototypes.

Understanding the User

I started my user research by interviewing some festival go-ers. Then, I made a persona to focus on the user's needs.

I continued my user research with card sorting. I wrote down key words and concepts from the interviews on post-its. Then, I had a user organize the post-its how he saw fit.

I started organizing data from the interviews and card sorting. From there I created a site map to help guide my wireframes.

I drew wireframes and used POP to understand the interactions. I tested my wireframes with contextual inquiries with three users. After I got feedback from the users I altered my design to work on design mockups. Play with my wireframes!

These are some of the final mockups. I made my final prototype can using Invision. Interact with my prototype!

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